Cerdic Lindenshield is a prince of the Icemark. He is the son of Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield and Oskan Witchfather. He is also the twin brother of Eodred Lindenshield. Cerdic is killed in battle by Sulla Bellorum.

History Edit

Blade of Fire

Cressida, Eodred, and Cerdic all approached Sharley together, asking him for the details of when their parents would be home since he had been listening to the wolf relay. The twins, however, keep messing around, forcing Cressida to demand their silence. Instead of doing so, Cerdic gets in an argument with Cressida of whether their parents should bring them home gifts or not. After a little bit, Charlemagne hears a werewolf call and notices his parents. Eager to meet their parents, the four royal children race down to them.

Appearance Edit

Cedic has been described to be just like King Redrought, but with jet black hair.

Personality Edit

Like his brother, Cerdic very loud and messes around. His attitude is described to be much like King Redrought.