Charlemagne Athelstan Redrought Strong-In-The-Arm Lindenshield, Prince Regent of the Exiles, Shadow of the Storm, known as Sharley, is the youngest son of Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield and Oskan Witchfather. He was crippled by polio and struggled in his childhood. However, when the Polypontians attack for the second time in Blade Of Fire, Charlemagne is made Prince Regent of the Exiles and is sent away to the Southern Continent. Here he makes a new alliance with the Desert People and Prince Mekhmet, returning with them to defeat the Polypntians. Two years later, during Samhein, Meda trapped him, Mekhmet, and Kirimin in the spirit realm. With the help of Oskan, the three escape and eventually join together to fight a war against Erinor of Artemesion and her unstoppable Hordes and Cronus.

Relationships Edit

Mekhmet: Mekhmet is Sharley's best friend. At first, he thought Sharley's hair and skin were strange but quickly pushed that aside to befriend him. While they were exploring the Desert Kingdom and the places around it, he thought Sharley was just like a child because of his ignorance towards the area. After they had finally made it to The Icemark, they fought together to defeat Scipio Bellorum's army. however, as they fought, Mekhmet was fatally wounded and almost faced death. Sharley became horrified and killed Octavius to avenge his friend. After taking him to get medical help, all he could do was squeeze Mekhmet's hand to beg him to live. Before he reached the point to where Mekhmet thought he was going to die, he thinks about how complete his life had become through Sharley, fighting to live because of Sharley's strong grip on his hand. After he fully recovered, the two boys started to do most things together, such as staying in the same room, fishing, and pulling pranks.

Kirimin: Within two years after defeating Scipio Bellorum, Mekhmet and Sharley had befriended Krimin. The three were very good friends with each other, often doing risky things. Even when Medea had trapped them, the three helped each other and worked together strongly. Towards the end of the Last Battle Of The Icemark, Mekhmet and Sharley eventually invite her to travel with them back to the Desert Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

Charlemange was fairly small for his age in "Blade of Fire." Like his mother and sister, Sharley has fiery red hair.

History Edit

Blade of Fire Edit

While sitting in Maggiore Totus' room, Charlemagne thinks over how much his name had annoyed him. Silently, he calls his name stupid and horrid in hopes of not waking up Maggie, who had grown into a habit of always falling asleep. Charlemagne then thinks about a lesson he had learned from Maggie: Charlemagne was the name of a great warrior who defended the Dessert People in their time of need.

While he thinks, he notices the sun that was about to wake Maggie up. Hurriedly, he closes the shades and walks back to his seat. However, before he could sit down, he fell, almost waking up Maggiore. Sharley's mind then drifted off to the fact he had once had polio during the time when Icemark was invaded with the disease. The only reason he had not died like the many other people was because of his father, Oskan, who breathed into him until he was better. After that, Oskan and the other witches had developed a breathing device that saved many of the citizen's lives.

Getting back into his chair, Sharley whispers some of the mean names others had called him. Sharley thinks more about his polio and how he was one of the only royal children ever who could not be trained with a sword or an ax. Despite being their most useless child, Charlemagne was his parent's favorite. Even all of his siblings, except for Medea, cared for and protected him.

Suddenly, Maggie wakes up, asking where they were. Charlemagne replies that he was taking notes. Maggie pretends that he was aware of that. While Sharley keeps up his innocent act, Maggie notes that the and in his hour glass was all gone and that Sharley had let him sleep through the whole lesson. Maggie compares Sharley to Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, but notes how Thirrin would have snuck out of the room. Sharley quickly reminds Maggiore that he was physically incapable of doing anything more fun than sitting in that room and watch him sleep.

Maggie tries to make Sharley feel better about his past case of Polio by referring to his crippled leg as a test. If he passed, he would become a greater warrior than anyone. Charlemagne quickly catches on to what Maggie was trying to do and falls back down into depression. Maggie tries making him feel better again by telling Sharley to at least not let his attitude become equally as bad, or people would keep calling him mean names such as “Prince Sour Face” or “Prince Misery.”.

Blinking away tears, Sharley asks if people really called him that. Maggie adds that they do not call him that and that most people still remember him from when he was young and followed his older siblings around hopefully and smiling. After realized he was being a bit unfair, Maggie dismissed all of Charlemagne's problems as a side effect of adolescence. Angrily, Sharley bowed low to Maggiore and stormed out of the room and corridors before anyone could ask him if he was alright or if he needed help.

Eventually, he made it to the garden, where he fell because of his crippled leg. Frustrated, he started to break down into sobs. Determined to at least hold his pride, he used the nearby fountain to pull himself up. From the classroom window, Maggie watches this. Getting up from his seat, he tells two soldiers to watch over Sharley because he had just been brutally honest with him and he may need some friendly support.

After a bit, Maggiore heard the news that the army was coming back from the Ice Troll war. After giving up to try and tell Sharley, Charlemagne eventually finds out himself and becomes excited. Charlemagne quickly starts to speak in the wolf tongue rapidly, translating the conversation for Maggiore. Maggie becomes pleased that Sharley's attitude had seemed to change, seeing how excited he was to see his parents again.

For a long while, Charlemagne waited outside for his parents, listening to the wolf messages for any news. Eventually, he calculates that the army would be there in less than an hour and asks some guards to tell the cooks, then Maggiore. In just a matter of moments, Cressida, Eodred, and Cerdic approached Sharley, asking his for the details. The twins, however, keep messing around, forcing Cressida to demand their silence. After getting in an argument about whether their parents should bring them home gifts with Cerdic, Cressida tells Sharley that he could come out of the cold and just be told when their parents had arrived.

After snapping that Cressida would most likely be cold because of the armor she was wearing from training, she wraps her arm around him, understanding that he was upset. After trying to encourage him, Sharley just compares her to Maggiore. Once Cressida starts to mention he did not need a sword to be a warrior, Charlemagne hears a werewolf call and notices his parents. Eager to meet their parents, the four royal children race down to them.