Hypolita is the Icemark's northernmost province, home to a group of people, the Hypolitan, who have culture and tradition vastly different from the rest of the Icemark. This province borders The Land-Of-The-Ghosts.

History Edit

The Hypolitan originally came from the mountainous ranges of the Southern Continent before being driven out by a great army, possibly the early Polypontians. There was a long, fierce war between The Icemark and Hypolitan, during which neither side could attain victory. Eventually, they came to respect one another- King Theobad The Bold, of The Icemark, granted the Hypolitan land, with the ruler of Icemark still as overlord.

Culture Edit

The Hypolitan is a matriarchal society of warriors who dress in bright colours, contrasting the dull grey battle gear of the Icemark. Women have a higher status than men, and the figure of highest authority is the Basilea, followed by her male consort. As such, only female army commanders attend meetings. (This army tradition was later abolished by Queen Thirrin.) The male also shave their beards, which Queen Thirrin found extremely shocking in their first meeting as the men of Icemark grow out their beards.

Battle Style Edit

The Hypolitan army's strongest fighting unit is their archers, and among them is a group of elite archers led by the Basilea herself. They were nicknamed the "Devil Women" by the Polypontian army.

References to the real world Edit

Their society appears to be based around the Amazons of Greek myth, and the name itself appears to be derived from Hippolyta, an Amazon queen.