Kirimin is the youngest child of Tharaman-Thar and Krisafitsa-Tharina. Her mother is very, very protective of her, despite Kirimin's dreams to travel and explore. She is very good friends with sharley and Mekhmet, going on many adventures with them, and, after finally convincing her mother, left to the Dessert Kingdom with them.

History Edit

Blade of Fire Edit

20 years after defeating the Polypontian Empire, Kirimin approaches Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield and Oskan Witchfather with her father, Tharaman-Thar, her mother, Krisafitsa-Tharina, her sister, Krisilisa, and three brothers Tadadan, Thuraman and Talaman. After his parents formally met up with the king and queen of Icemark, Tharam-Thar brought her over to their nurse, an elderly Snow Leopard.[1]


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