Krisafitsa-Tharina lives at the Hub of the World with her beloved mate, Tharaman-Thar. Krisafitsa-Tharina and her people become good allies of the Icemark, aiding them in many battles throughout the series.

History Edit

Blade of Fire Edit

20 years after defeating the Polypontian Empire, a feast is being prepared inside of the Leopard Holds to celebrate the most recent victory against the Ice Trolls. During preparation,  Krisafitsa-Tharina, her mate,  Tharaman-Thar, her eldest child, Talaman,her Daughter, Kirimin, and her three other cubs named Tadadan, Krisilisa, and Thuraman approach Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield and Oskan Witchfather in greeting.

After formally greeting each other, Tharaman starts to laugh, declaring the feast in progress. After demanding a drink from Ethelbold, Tharman-Thar starts to fuss over her, making sure she is comfortable sitting next to Oskan and Thirrin. After she was finished getting settled, Tharaman instantly challenges Olememnon to a drinking competition. Before he could proceed to much further, Thirrin stops him, demanding that they must discuss the Ice Trolls first.

After Tharaman complies, Thirrin starts off the meeting by pointing out that the Ice Trolls were carrying metal war hammers instead of their usual antler spears and stone clubs. She then adds that the Polypontian Empire was most likely aiding them. Still, she questions why they do not attack them in summer while everything would be easier for the Ice Trolls. Tharina then replies in a sing-song voice that they hibernate in the summer and that the sun burns them and gives them blisters.

Tharaman starts to mock Scipio, thinking that the general had not thought humans would come to their aid, because they were just oversized pets. Krisafitsa just replies that he is an over-sized pet. Instead of taking offence, he adds that he also loved beer.

After licking off the stray droplets of wine from his whiskers, Tharaman declares he had finished a bowl and asked Olenemnin how many he had finished. Olenemnin replies three and Tharaman whines that he only got one because he was discussing important matters. For the rest of the night, everyone ate and drank. Eventually, large groups of men started to sing offensive songs lead by Tharaman and Olenenin.

Suddenly, Thirrin calls out to the Basilea and asks when her soldiers would be ready to march. After replying three days, Thirrin demands that she shortens it down to two.

Basilea lists off all of the things that her army must do and Thirrin gives her two and a half days instead. Next, Thirrin asked the werewolves when their army could march out. Upik replies that they were all ready to march and that the wounded would have to manage.

Tharaman-Thar quickly declares that they should continue with their feast. Almost instantly, Olememnon announces he is on his tenth bottle. Krisafitsa just giggles at Tharaman-Thar's look of war in his eyes as he continued his drinking contest with Olememnon.


Personalities and Traits Edit

Krisafitsa, like Oksan, has a slightly wispish sense of humor, often giggle with the Witchfather over the peculiarities of courtiers.[1]

Appearance Edit

Krisafitsa is as tall as Tharaman, but has a much more delicate looking head and shoulders.

Character Connections Edit

Oskan Witchfather: Krisafitsa has a friendly relationship with the Witchfather, often sharing the same sense of humor. He even giggles with her and jokes about the peculiarities of courtiers.

Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield: Thirrin is Krisafitsa's favorite human. They had first become good friends when Thirrin attended the Snow Leopard's Royal Pair-bonding and then, with Tharaman-Thar's approval, extended her state visit. During that time, Thirrin had spent the night with Krisafita, discussing many things, including their husbands.

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