Maggiore Totus, or Maggie as he is often referred to, was Thirrin's tutor until she became the ruler of The Icemark. At this time he became her other Royal Adviser, alongside with Oskan. He is often portrayed as a voice of reason and knowledge, and Thirrin trusts him well. He is a man of science, and the various things he discovers during the war, such as Vampires, the soldiers of the once thought to be mythical Holly and Oak King, he drastically changes his outlook on nature. After Thirrin had become queen, he instead began to teach Charlemagne, eventually aiding him in befriending the Desert People.

Biography Edit

Introduced in the first chapter of The Cry of the Icemark, Maggiore appears to the readers as a clumsy man when he spills water down his black gown while drinking it when Thirrin barges into his classroom. His purpose as the Royal Tutor is to educate Thirrin upon the King's command. Though his aim is to get his pupil to write an understandable sentence, read a letter without help, and disscuss accounts with the quartermaster, he has to base his lessons on the military to capture Thirrin's attention as well as her desire to learn. Maggiore admits that Thirrin is his most difficult pupil, but also the cleverest. He endures her royal moodiness with difficulty. When her mood is brighter, he finds himself worrying about her how she would fare if her father passed, being forced into the position as Queen much too early, and being robbed of her childhood.

Origin Edit

Maggiore's hails from the southern coast of the Middle Sea, where the climate and topography differs remarkably from that of Frostmarris. In the summer the sun is enormously generous and ice is only found in cooling drinks. The warmer southern winter yeilds a predictable rain instead of snow. Maggiore has an accent that "sings" from this land of small mountain villages.

Appearance Edit

Maggiore is often described as a neat little man. His age, which is never mentioned, can be guessed by his bald head and the beard that almost reaches his waist. He wears spectoculums, an accessory he himself designed to correct his myopia.

Abilities Edit

Royal Teaching Duties Edit

It is not known how or when Maggiore found his way to the Icemark castle. His duties as Royal Tutor were appointed by Redrought in hopes that come time for Thirrin to rule the land she will be an educated leader. 

The schoolroom is a chamber in the castle with a chalkboard, and a desk and chair for Thirrin, Maggiore's only current pupil. He teaches alchemical science, which is to say math, geography and the natural world. On a normal day without inturruptions, tutoring sessions are followed by weapons mastery or horse training.

History Edit

Blade of Fire Edit

In his room, Maggiore accidently falls asleep while tutoring Charlemagne. After Maggie wakes up, he asks where they were. Charlemagne replies that he was taking notes. Maggie pretends that he was aware of that. While Sharley keeps up his innocent act, Maggie notes that the sand in his hour glass was all gone and that Sharley had let him sleep through the whole lesson. Maggie compares Sharley to Thirrin, but notes how Thirrin would have snuck out of the room. Sharley quickly reminds Maggiore that he was physically incapable of doing anything more fun than sitting in that room and watch him sleep.

Maggie tries to make Sharley feel better about his past case of Polio by referring to his crippled leg as a test. If he passed, he would become a greater warrior than anyone. Charlemagne quickly catches on to what Maggie was trying to do and falls back down into depression. Maggie tries making him feel better again by telling Sharley to at least not let his attitude become equally as bad, or people would keep calling him mean names such as “Prince Sour Face” or “Prince Misery.”.

Blinking away tears, Sharley asks if people really called him that. Maggie adds that they do not call him that and that most people still remember him from when he was young and followed his older siblings around hopefully and smiling. After realized he was being a bit unfair, Maggie dismissed all of Charlemagne's problems as a side effect of adolescence. Angrily, Sharley bowed low to Maggiore and stormed out of the room and corridors before anyone could ask him if he was alright or if he needed help.

Eventually, he made it to the garden, where he fell because of his crippled leg. Frustrated, he started to break down into sobs. Determined to at least hold his pride, he used the nearby fountain to pull himself up. From the classroom window, Maggie watches this. Getting up from his seat, he tells two soldiers to watch over Sharley because he had just been brutally honest with him and he may need some friendly support.

After a bit, Maggiore hears news that the army was coming back from the Ice Troll war. After giving up to try and tell Sharley, Charlemagne eventually finds out himself and becomes excited. Charlemagne quickly starts to speak in the wolf tongue rapidly, translating the conversation for Maggiore. Maggie becomes pleased that Sharley's attitude had seemed to change, seeing how excited he was to see his parents again.