Mekhmet is the prince of the desert people. He is a good friend of Charlemagne and an ally of Icemark, aiding them through more than one war.

Appearance Edit

Mekhmet has been described to have very dark skin and black hair. Sharley also notes that he has a little mustache.

Relationships Edit

Charlemagne: Charlemagne is Mekhmet'sbest friend. At first, he thought Sharley's hair and skin were strange but quickly pushed that aside to befriend him. While they were exploring the Desert Kingdom and the places around it, he thought Sharley was just like a child because of his ignorance towards the area. After they had finally made it to The Icemark, Mekhmet was quickly possessed by Medea. They managed to defeat the sorceress. They eventually fought together to defeat Scipio Bellorum's army. However, as they fought, Mekhmet was fatally wounded and almost faced death. Before he reached the point to where he thought he was going to die, he thinks about how complete his life had become through Sharley, fighting to live because of Sharley's strong grip on his hand. After he fully recovered, the two boys started to do most things together, such as staying in the same room, fishing, and pulling pranks.

Kirimin: Within two years after defeating Scipio Bellorum, Mekhmet and Sharley had befriended Krimin. The three were very good friends with each other, often doing risky things. Even when Medea had trapped them, the three helped each other and worked together strongly. Towards the end of the Last Battle Of The Icemark, Mekhmet and Sharley eventually invite her to travel with them back to the Desert Kingdom.

History Edit

Blade of Fire Edit

He is first met when Sharley met him. At first, Sharley is jealous of his beard, but they eventually became friends. They eventually went to persuade Mekhmet's father, the Sultan, on joining the Icemark's war effort against the Polypontus. They then go to successfully recruit the Lessu's large army into the war effort.