This is a list of characters who make a minor debut in the Blade of Fire.

Tadadan, Krisilisa, and Thuraman Edit

Tadadan, Krisilisa, and Thuraman are first seen entering the Leopard Holds with their parents, Tharaman-Thar and Krisafitsa-Tharina. Also, with them are their two other sibilings, Kirimin and Talaman. As they followed their parents up to the raised dais where Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield and Oskan Witchfather were standing in greeting, they rolled around, causing much trouble for the passing chamberlains and werewolves. After their parents formally met up with the king and queen of Icemark, Tharam-Thar brought them over to their nurse, an elderly Snow Leopard.

Ethelbold Edit

Ethelbold is a supremely neat human chamberlain in the Icemark Chronicles who Tharaman-Thar commonly demands service from.

Urik Edit

Urik was a werewolf commander who was willing to have his men march to the Icemark immediately to help defend it against Scipio Bellorum.

Carnwulf Edit

Carwulfis a porter who was previously a housecarl. In "Blade Of Fire," he was asked by Maggiore Totus to give Charlemagne some friendly support and to watch over him along with Aelthric.