The Polypontian Empire was the huge body of provinces and colonies to the South of The Icemark (Country) which were all ruled by the Polypontian senate. Charlemagne described the country to be of one where the majority of the people were poor, whilst a minority of extravagantly rich elite ruled over the empire. They were constantly invading other countries to add to the empire, gaining resources and trade routes.

It is implied that the Polypontian Empire was the greatest of that time, with no other empire a match for it, whether militarily or economically. They were also advanced in scientific fields, kidnapping engineers and other skills-masters in the country they invade to make even more scientific progress while ensuring that no other country can do the same.

Their great army was led by General Scipio Bellorum . The name Polypontus meant 'Many Bridges' .

Reference to the real world

The Polypontian Empire was inspired by the Roman Empire in real life. The army commanders announce Veni, Vidi, Vici whenever staging an attack on another nation. This is a reference to Julius Caesar, a famous Roman general who said the same phrase, meaning I came, I saw, I conquered.

It is also described that the Polypontian army construct a fortified camp, with a standardised size and layout regardless of the battle they are marching to. This is a reference to the Imperial Roman Army, who did the same. The Polypontian army also used a tortoise tactic to shield themselves from enemy archer assaults. This is a reference to the famous testudo ("tortoise") formation was utilized by the Imperial Roman Army.