The Icemark was the home nation of the majority of the characters and served as the main setting in the book series. It was a small country covered in snow for seven months of the year. It was bordered in the South by the Polypontian Empire and in the North by The Land-Of-The-Ghosts. The sea bordered the rest.

Main Geographical AreasEdit

The nation was fed by the Great Road which gave access to all areas of the country. The Southern part of The Icemark was called The South Riding while the North was covered in The Great Woods and then the province of Hypolita. The hills that marked the Southern border were called the Dancing Maidens.


Frostmarris was the capital of The Icemark. It was a large fortress town and was made up of an inner and outer city. The inner was protected by the Four Gates and a large wall, whilst the outer districts were where the farmers worked and the poorer people tended to live.